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Javascript has some tricky things. Sometimes they are confused us. That's an important need to learn every developer. And especially its help for good performance in the interview.lets start..

Javascript object method & what is bind call , apply ?

We know the object is data collection which stores multiple values under a property. We can use the method in object .we can calculate value execute by this method.

another thing is bind, call, apply. actually, that is a method and we can use that in the object.“bind()” method using for joining different objects that mean binding tow objects. This bind method takes an object as a parameter that you want to joining or binding with an object. After declaring the parameter you can be using any method which is existing in any object and also you can modify a value that is under an object property using an object method which you get after using the bind method. …

React is the most popular Javascript library. Today I will try to introducing react and something which is relevant to react js.

What is React ?

We know javascript is a trending popular programming language. Especially we can build multiple different applications using javascript. In the web, section javascript has some popular library and framework and reacts especially here. React is special because some trusted multinational companies like Facebook, Netflix, using this. And this is very soft for easy implementation and user experience performance.

Why React ?

React is a lightweight javascript library. And this implantation and working flow are very positive impact on the front-end Side. That is so beginner-friendly and we can customize that very easily. That is helpful for increases website functionality and easier in managing state changes. …

Javascript Data types, Object & Function,Expression,try & catch,Cache Storage.Cross Browser Testing and Es6.

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Data types

javascript has primitive and reference two data types.javascript has six primitive data types. the primitive data type is a single value collection. I mean it's not a data collection like an object or array. so it can contain a single value.

Javascript Data types : 

Object & function

The object is Reference type data in javascript. An object can contain multiple data and methods too. An object can contain primitive value under a property. That is most useful in javascript. …

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String, Number, and Array are important things in every programming language. they have a separate method for using in the program, let’s start to know what is javascript String, number, array, and how to works it.


The string is mostly working with character and String method using manipulate and restructuring character.

Example ,
const newString = "Blue";
console.log(newString) /expacted output is Blue
console.log(typeof newString) /expacted output is String

Some String method :

String has some different methods and has some rolls for using this. I will give them some string in the belonging side. …

Javascript have 3 different word, which is a reserve for declaring a variable. These 3 types have 3 different meanings. interestingly most of the mentors start to introduce about var reserve word. var, let, and const, this is reserve word for javascript variable call. they have a different meaning. “var” is a global variable, if you use var for declaring a variable, it’s working globally. Globally means you can catch the variable everywhere in the function. Then the “let” variable is the local variable. it’s only working on his current block. suppose if you declare a variable in a function. This variable can not work outside this function. Next is “const”, this is used to declare a constant variable, which value is not changing any times. This value is fixed all time but you can modify this value. This is simple and basic things, you must need to learn some specific rules about variable declarations .you …

we know js are the most important things for developing software. So we must be needed to know javascript. But most of the people delay to learning Javascript. Some times who started from the front end development, Javascript is depression for him. But actually, basic Javascript is not so hard. Javascript has some important topics like a variable, if-else, string, array, object, some kind of method, Looping, Dom. After completing, you should go for problem-solving and practicing. if you feel free about these topics. Then you can go Next level that is Dom, Es6.
At first, you need to understand and believe, if you practicing and spent much time, its so easier for you.

Mahin Tazuar Turza

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